Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tokyo Heat

 Jun Takahashi

I've always been obsessed with everything Japanese, but as I'm discovering more techniques to use in my garment-making, I can't understand how one comes up with these super crazy and difficult processes: the Japanese are AMAZING!  From tradition techniques, to new ways of using old fabrics, it's all so awesome.  

I'm really getting into UNDERCOVER by Jun Takahashi.  I need to put up his newest line for men too.  A lot of attention to detail.. total rock star and friend of Rei Kawakubo of Comme de Garçons, and influenced heavily by Vivienne Westwood.

 Junya Watanabe

I know this is from an older show, but I love Junya Watanabe!  Talk about Fashion and Architecture, eh?  He's soo amazing with his pleating, cocoon-like objects, and awesome technique of draping.  
 Junya Watanabe FW09

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?!  Amazing!

Sorry to break up this awesome segment that is my homage to Japanese Greatness, but can I just vent about how I hate (yes, I know this is a strong word) J. Crew?!  They're so gross!  I'm not even going to ruin this entry with an image of theirs... plus they're advertising everywhere; I'm surprised there aren't adverts in the bottom of the urinals.  Bottom of toilets?!  In my ass!  They're soo weird!  We must stop them!  Them and Dumbass Republic.. Banana needs to slip on they're own peels and die!  OK, I think I'm done haha!

Back to Japan:

I'd like to close this installment with Ms. Rei Kawakubo.. most awesome and genius!  
 isn't she though!?!

So I believe Rei is full of technique; I'm always in total awe of her silhouettes, cuts, and her ability to manipulate any type of fabric.  There is also attention to detail which is almost always apparent in all japanese design, not only in fashion.  

One of my most favorite architecture firms are Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo.  The originally went over to Tokyo when they had graduated from the RCA in London to work for Tadao Ando.. and got the job!  They've remained in Tokyo ever since.  

Klein Dytham Architecture