Monday, November 1, 2010

As another show/branch of the mother site, le cuir a paris is a trend forecasting site developed for leather specifically. The site is much more intuitive and will guide you throught the current season's inspirations, colours, moods, as well as the ability to pay for the next season's trends. The site is both in English and French, is visually pleasing and contains more than enough information for both the site's show, as well as its familial counterparts. Other helpful information includes: maps, slideshows, background information as well as contact information. Thorough, clear, and concise.

In contrast to this site, is not as intuitive and is harder to navigate. There are hidden buttons of information, and one has to almost viusalize and think like the French to understand the site in its entirety.

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  1. That's some good site but like you said one needs to know french in order to have better navigation. Keep posting us about more such sites